Coliving Castle


This might sound like a dream, and for many it is. But the reality of rural drain happening over Europe over the last centuries actually might just be an opportunity for location independent workers looking to set up a sustainable home in nature.

While our primary focus for Oasa was to develop low impact sustainable houses in nature, we thought... what's lower impact than to purchase a castle that's already been around for centuries (i.e. 0 emissions for construction materials), and simply ensuring that it's use goes to unprecedented sustainable levels? Most of these types of large properties in southern Europe are heated through fuel, use lot's of grid energy, and generally have a high maintenance cost which is why it makes it hard to justify even for a rich family simply looking to affirm their status. But the numbers start looking quite different, when the purpose of the location becomes to use the vast amount of space (usually 1000+ square meters) to house a group of nomad entrepreneurs that can sustain themselves while living there. Now instead of being a luxury good with a high maintenance cost, it becomes a home. And instead of having way too many empty rooms making it a sad place, you have a happy group being able to live their dream life in an epic setting.

So we started hunting for castles to find one that would check the following requirements:

  • Room price < 100k€
  • Size suitable for 10-20 people
  • Minimal structural work needed to be habitable
  • Sufficient green spaces
  • Proximity to an international airport
  • Historical features that would make living here truly epic

Would you be interested in living in a castle? Hosting events in a castle? Helping to renovate a castle?
We would love to hear from you!
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April 8, 2020


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