Ready to explore life in a regenerative village?

We are building a climate resilient neighborhood of the future in Portugal - and you are invited to be a part of it.

Traditional Dream Factory

Our current project is a 5 hectare regenerative playground in Abela, where we have a reforestation, food forest, glamping accomodations, industrial kitchen, cafe, sauna and more:

  • Coworking

    OPEN Coworking & STARLINK WIFI

  • Van

    6 Van parking areas

  • Glamping

    10 Glamping Accommodations

  • Syntropic food forest

    Food Forest + REFORESTATION

    (w/ 2000+ trees)

  • Veggetable production

    Market garden (producing vegetables for 30+ people)

  • TDF Cafe

    Mushroom farm Coming soon

  • Events

    Pop-up event space

  • Events


  • Wellness candle

    Natural poolComing soon

  • Restaurant plate

    Pizza oven

  • TDF Cafe

    Coffee shop

  • Makerspace

    Makerspace & workshop


Check out our yearly reports to see everything we have done so far!

2021 report2022 report
TDF Orchard Map

Co-living Development Plans approved!

  • Building 14 suites

    Each suite has over 20m2 of living space - giving ample space for resident to have a desk, private bathroom, a luxurious queen sized bed. We are tailoring the interior to fit the needs of digital nomads, young families, yogies, and other conscious individuals.

  • Bioclimatic buildings

    The building is designed to be energy efficient, with passive solar design, natural ventilation, and a solar roof - making it a comfortable place to live year round while producing it's own energy.

  • Mixed use co-living & hospitality

    The property is ideal for hosting large events (up to 100 people), and we are planning to use it for retreats, workshops, and other events for 3 months out of the year while running our own co-living community for 9 months out of the year.

Agroforestry and land developments

With over 3000 trees already planted on the land, and a plan to create a productive agroforestry system with over 10 000 fruit trees (including almonds, olives, citrus, berries etc) over the next few years, TDF is committed to creating a regenerative landscape that hydrates the land, sequesters carbon, and nourrishes our village and the local community.

  • Creating a water retention landscape

    Our swales collect runoff waters from the landscape and will be storing it in our 2 planned lakes. This will ensure a steady water supply year round.

  • Restorative Farming Practices

    TDF is committed to organic farming, avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic practices are employed to maintain a balanced ecosystem, focusing on natural pest control and the use of compost for soil nutrition.

  • Biochar Production

    Using syntropic methods, our agroforestry landscape is set to produce excess biomass we can process into biochar. Biochar improves soil fertility, increase water retention and stimulates microbial activity, leading to healthier trees and better crop yields - all while capturing carbon from the atmosphere and producing excess energy in the process.

  • Scalability and Future Prospects: TDF envisions this orchard as a scalable model for regenerative and profitable farming, demonstrating how environmental responsibility can align with commercial success. The project could serve as blueprint for future villages around the world.
TDF Orchard Map

Meet your new home, way of life, and tribe. Join a unique collective of creatives, digital nomads, solarpunks, web3 aficionados, permaculturists & entrepreneurs. Together, we're reshaping communal living.

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How to play

While the village is in development we offer multiple ways to come and visit. Whether you are looking for a short stay, a longer term residency, or a work exchange - we have something for you.

Once we get to know each other, and if there is mutual interest - you'll be invited to become a full member of the village. Members are returning residents who co-own the village together and can participate in the decision making process, and can apply for work opportunities.


Come and enjoy the nature - work from our co-working space, connect with out community and enjoy our facilities.

  • Private or shared glamping or van
  • Work on your own projects
  • Get discounted rates if you book for a week or more
  • 1 day minimum stay


Learn about permaculture, bioconstruction & cooking while doing a work exchange.

  • Work 4h/day
  • Free accomodation (dorm, shared glamper, or camping)
  • 1 week minimum stay


Apply for a 1+ month residency and leave a mark on our village - maybe you are an expert carpenter - or maybe you want to practice a new craft. Make a proposal for what you'd like to build and we will have a conversation.

  • Work ~6h/day (project based)
  • Free accomodation
  • Free food
  • 1 month minimum stay

Not just a co-living - become part of a movement conserving & regenerating land

TDF is part of the OASA network - transforming ownership into stewardship. The TDF project is bound by the Regenerative Land Stewardship Principles set forth by OASA. By accessing TDF lands, our members and visitors must abide by our regenerative ethos. OASA is on a bold mission to conserve 100.000 ha of land globally - and TDF is its first prototype in utilising real estate as a vehicle for ecological restoration.

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Upcoming events

TDF gathers thinkers, artists, farmers, developers, entrepreneurs, healers, investors. Come for an event where you can meet all these folks.

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