Soil and souls regenerating life together

Traditional Dream Factory is the first web3-powered regenerative village in Europe, on a mission to root a better way of living.

Traditional Dream Factory are pioneers of regeneration, challengers of tomorrow, and prototypers of a better way of living. It’s our mission to co-create a more sustainable world for generations to come.

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Invest in a DAO-based future of regenerative living. Help us transition to a land of freedom, and rewild a world we can all enjoy. Don’t just dream it. Sign up and join us as a key player in bringing this dream to reality.

A prototype for a future of beautiful, connected regenerative living


    a small Portuguese village of 400 inhabitants

    Tree, at Traditional Dream Factory


    In 2020, we set our sights on a small, arid plot of land in the village of Abela, Portugal. Home to an old poultry farm, the land is surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys, protected oak trees, a flowing river, an earth-built farmhouse, and the old community mill.

    This poultry farm is our playground for change. The ground is ready to be relearned, rewilded and reincarnated into a brighter, abundant future.

    Dream at TDF


    A burgeoning web3-powered regenerative village, shepherded by an inclusive and indomitable community fighting for better. Shared between 80-100 villagers, members will co-live purposefully in tune with the earth’s cycles, co-create in a space that will help them foster their own dreams, and empower them to drive positive change, together. 

    We may be dreamers and futurists, but our dreams are rooted in realism. A new life of regeneration and co-living is waiting, and it starts at TDF in Abela.


    TDF is more than the land from which we build. Regeneration transcends soil, bricks and mortar, and farming practices. It replenishes our souls, too, by uniting thinkers, earth warriors, travellers and impact investors, to supercharge a movement that will bring us all closer to a circular economy. Find a TDF event where you can get involved in the mission.

    No upcoming events.

    Traditional Dream Factory

    Our co-living quarters will be home to 14 large suites with a living room & kitchen, 3 loft studios with a music production live-in studio, and a private house for families or friends.

    The TDF village will be made up of:

    • Coworking

      Open Coworking, Coworking pods & STARLINK WIFI v1

    • Van

      6 Van parking areas

    • Glamping

      10 Glamping Accommodations

    • Syntropic food forest

      Food forest (w/ 1000+ trees)

    • Veggetable production

      Veggie farm (for 30+ people)

    • TDF Cafe

      Café & Store Coming soon

    • Events

      Pop-up event space

    • Wellness candle

      Wellness area (natural pool, sauna(s), yoga studio, massage parlor) In progress

    • Restaurant plate

      Farm to table restaurant Coming soon

    • Greenhouse

      Indoors forest and tropical greenhouse Coming soon

    • Makerspace

      Makerspace (Lab, Atelier, Artist Studio, Workshop, Music Studio) In progress

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