Join the Regenerative Revolution: Support TDF's Leap into 2024

In the heart of Portugal, a revolution is taking root. It's not one of conflict, but of creation ā€” the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF), a burgeoning regenerative village, is pioneering a lifestyle that promises a greener, more connected future. Over the last three years, our hands have worked the soil, planting seeds that have grown into thousands of trees. We've woven a food forest from the earth and welcomed over 2,000 visitors to share in over 30 events, celebrating the unity of technology and nature.

As Europe's first operational land-based DAO, TDF isn't just a project; it's a prototype of what our world could become. And as 2024 approaches, we're on the brink of something even bigger ā€” an expansion that redefines co-living and harmonizes human existence with the land.

But such dreams don't flourish in isolation. They require the support of a community that shares the vision ā€” and that's where you come in. We're calling on 300 kindred spirits to join us with a monthly contribution of ā‚¬10. Your support is the cornerstone of TDF's next chapter.

Your Impact:

  • Fuel the Growth: Your ā‚¬10 monthly contribution is a powerful act of support, helping us sustain our growth and impact.
  • Amplify Our Voice: Share our story. Your endorsement can turn ripples into waves, inspiring a community-wide movement.
  • Engage with Us: From volunteering to event participation, your active involvement enriches our vibrant community.

ā†’ Become a part of the movement: Support TDF

By pledging your support, you join a community of "Wanderers," each pivotal in cultivating a regenerative world. As a Wanderer, you'll not only witness but also shape the evolution of TDF. From exclusive educational resources to discounts on serene stays within our eco-village, your journey as a Wanderer is one of privilege and pride.

Thank you for embracing this shared dream, for every gesture of support interlaces with the roots of our collective future. Together, we are not just dreaming ā€” we are building a testament to regenerative living.

Join the TDF family today. Witness the change you're a part of.


November 2, 2023