Discover TDF’s Innovative Learning Hub! 🌍💡

Hey dreamers! Exciting times at the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF). We’re proud to roll out our sparkling new educational platform. Whether you’re new to the world of sustainable living or deep in the regenerative journey, there’s something here for you.

🌱 Land: Journey with us into the heart of the Earth. Delve into regenerative agriculture, the art of food forests, and how forest sanctuaries can bring healing to our planet and its inhabitants.

🖥️ Web3: Step into the digital future with us! Unpack the mysteries of TDF Tokenomics, and witness firsthand how DAOs bridge the digital realm with tangible, land-based projects.

🏡 Architecture: Envision a life within sustainable structures like passive houses or bioceramic domes. Our content highlights the evolution of architecture that marries durability with sustainability.

💧 Water Systems: Water is life! Learn about the ingenious ways we're creating water retention landscapes, and the innovative sensors we employ to track water flows.

🎨 Culture: At TDF, we believe in nurturing the spirit. Explore the transformative power of playfulness, creativity, and rituals in catalyzing regenerative systems.

🎉 How to TDF: Eager to immerse yourself in the TDF experience? We’ve mapped out various pathways for you to visit and become part of our community.

Our initial 3 classes are already live

  1. Ways to visit TDF - with Ismael von der Gathen
  2. Unveiling $TDF Tokenomics: A Guide to the Digital Backbone of Traditional Dream Factory - with Samuel Delesque
  3. Crafting Lush Food Forests: A Masterclass - with Joshua Glass

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October 12, 2023