Gain access to a thriving, regenerative village.

The $TDF token is the key to your home.

Introducing the $TDF token - your access rights on-chain

$TDF Public Sale

$TDF Sale

To fund the development of our regenerative village, we are selling tokens that give the owners of those tokens a lifetime´s access to TDF.


  • Early Adopter Benefits
    Join early for the best prices, build and watch TDF grow.
  • Lifetime access
    Your tokens grant you a lifetime’s access to TDF, for as long as you hold your tokens. The number of days you can stay per year is proportional to the amount of tokens you have and the kind of accommodation you choose.
  • Governance rights
    Participate in key decisions such as changes to masterplan and election of executive team.
  • Resale Opportunities
    Tokens can be resold after the Go-Live event (see Whitepaper)
  • Support Regeneration
    Contribute to building a new, nature based economy. The money gathered through the token sales helps to fund what we are building here.
Peek into Our future

Peek into Our future

Modern Co-Living

Biomorphic co-working garden

Natural pool & Greenhouse

14x suites
4x studios
1x House

Our Architectural Blueprints have been approved!

Our dreams are translated in these visualizations that depict the remarkable transformation of a 1300 sq m chicken farm into a visionary future.

$TDF unlocks Access to Accommodation at TDF

$TDF represents utility in the real world - in the forms of night of stay at TDF

Accommodation Fees In $TDF

Price per night

Van Parking Space

$TDF 0.5


$TDF 0.5

Shared Glamping

$TDF 1

Private Glamping

$TDF 2

Volunteer dorm

$TDF 0

Small glamping tent

$TDF 1

Staff accommodation

$TDF 0

Shared Suite*Coming soon

$TDF 1

Private Suite*Coming soon

$TDF 2

Studio*Coming 2024

$TDF 3

House*Coming 2024

$TDF 5

+ utility fee

charged separately - supplies, insurance, accounting, energy, water, sewage, internet, food (not grown on site), maintenance.

1 $TDF = 1 night spent at utility cost per year, forever, in standard accommodation.

Your $TDF tokens give you access to your chosen accommodation. The utility fee includes energy, water, internet, taxes, food, salaries, maintenance etc.

Bookings must be approved by Space Host. Citizen get access to “instant book” (no approval).

$TDF tokens also give governance rights in the TDF DAO.

$TDF Unlocks Access to Accommodation at TDF

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