Secure your perpetual access to the first web3 powered regenerative co-living village in Portugal

Meet your new home, and your new tribe

We are a family of solarpunks, web3 nerds, holistic healers, naturalists, regen entrepreneurs redesigning the way humans live together.

Introducing the $TDF token - your access rights on-chain

$TDF is a housing access token that provides utility in the form of housing, food, water, and community while regenerating the planet. It will also confer governance rights in the TDF DAO, alonside other governance primitives such as Proof of Presence and Proof of Sweat. It's your key to this regenerative village.

  • Lifetime Access
    Your tokens grant you a lifetime’s access to TDF, for as long as you hold your tokens.
  • Support Regeneration
    Contribute to building a new, nature based economy.
  • Governance rights
    Participate in key decisions such as changes to masterplan and election of executive team.
  • Early Adopter Benefits
    Join early for the best prices, build and watch TDF grow.
  • Resale Opportunities
    Tokens can be resold after the Go-Live event (see Whitepaper).

$TDF Unlocks Access to Accommodation at TDF

$TDF Unlocks Access to Accommodation at TDF

Accommodation Fees In $TDF

Price per night

Van Parking Space

$TDF 0.5


$TDF 0.5

Shared Glamping

$TDF 1

Private Glamping

$TDF 3

Shared Suite*Coming soon

$TDF 1

Private Suite*Coming soon

$TDF 2

Studio*Coming 2024

$TDF 3

House*Coming 2024

$TDF 5

The Utility Fee covers food & ongoing maintenance and operational costs (energy and water systems, internet, taxes, salaries).

You Can use $TDF for 🎉 Events & 🏡 Stays

1 $TDF = 1 Night* @ TDF, Per Year**

* In shared accommodation

** For as long as you hold your tokens

Peek into Our future

Peek into Our future

Modern Co-Living

Biomorphic co-working garden

Natural pool & Greenhouse

14x suites
4x studios
1x House

Our Architectural Blueprints have been approved!

Our dreams are translated in these visualizations that depict the remarkable transformation of a 1300 sq m chicken farm into a visionary future.

Did we mention our food production Yet?

Fun Fact - This summer (2023) we have harvested at least 150 kg of food from our garden.

Curious for More?

Schedule a call with our team and discuss how you can be a part of this.

Become a TDF Member to join the DAO

  • 🐑 Instant Bookings (No space host approval required)
  • 🐑 Collect Proof of Presence (extra governance)
  • 🐑 Collect Proof of Sweat (extra governance)
Step 1
Complete 14 day trial period

Volunteer with us, contribute a specific skill or complete a small project while staying at TDF for at least 14 days.

Step 2
Get invited to become a member by our stewards

After staying with us for at least 14 days, and your trial has been deemed successful - you will be invited to have an informal interview with one of the stewards to map your intentions, opportunities and unique role within TDF.

Step 3
Submit your membership application

This will then be send to the DAO where you will have the opportunity to be vouched for by current members. Upon being vouched for by at least 3 current members, your application will be successful!

Step 4
You are now a sheep!


The Journey of our decentralised co-living

Where we’ve been and where we’re going - see our Roadmap:

APRIL 2021

Keys To The Chicken Farm.

We move in to the ‘áviário’

2021-2022 Phase 1 -


Operational CO-LIVING

  • Operational Event Venue (up to 100 guests)
  • 10 Glamping Accommodations
  • Food Forest V1
  • Reforestation V1
  • Grey Water Treatment (Halophyte Filter) V1
  • Solar Energy
  • Functional Workshop and Makerspaces
  • Industrial Kitchen
  • Sauna
  • Co-Working Space and Starlink

2023 - 2024 Phase 2 -



We are here

  • Co-Living Building Renovation (roof, windows, insulation, flooring, energy and heating systems)
  • 6 Suites with Private Bath
  • Natural Pool
  • Water Systems V2 (Co-Living Building & Land Water Capture)
  • Pay Off Loan & Transfer Chicken Farm Property into Enseada Sonhadora (local SPV owned by OASA)
  • Kitchen V2
  • Team Operations & Salaries

2024-2025 Phase 3

Dream Spaces & Expansion

  • 8 Suites added to Co-Living
  • Workshop Building Renovation
  • Co-Working Garden
  • Farm to Table Restaurant + Cafe + Industrial Kitchen
  • Purchase Land (currently rent contract with option to buy, 25he)

2025 Phase 4

Finishing Touches

  • 4 Studios
  • Family House
  • Green Roof
  • Greenhouse (made out of old warehouses windows)
  • Spa


  • TDF V2 Dream Session: Co-housing and Permanent Living?
  • 4000m2 of permits to build
  • Governance Structure V2: Post Roadmap Era