Cover your accommodation fee during events and stays

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What Do Carrots Do?

Spend carrots to get discounted accommodation cost.

🥕 1 = 1 night off accommodation fee for events or stays.

As volunteer you get your accommodation fee off anyway.

But be warned... carrots only stay fresh for so long, they do expire after 1 year! So make sure to use them!

Where to find Them?

In your profile screen.


How to use them?

Whenever you book an event or stay and have enough carrots to cover the whole accomodation price, you will find this widget on the checkout page. Simply apply discount and that's it!

10 carrots - 10 nights - 100% off

10 carrots - 5 nights - 100% off

10 carrots - 14 nights - cannot be used

Redeem Your Carrots [DEMO]


Get a discount on your accommodation


Carrot to redeem



Off accommodation

How to Harvest them

  • Pioneer Subscription
  • We might be nice sometimes, so keep your eyes peeled...
  • *coming soon* Rewards for completing actions
  • *coming soon* Stay Packages