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Traditional Dream Factory

Our co-living quarters will be home to 14 large suites with a living room & kitchen, 4 loft studios with a music production live-in studio, and a private house for families or friends.

The TDF village is made up of:

  • Coworking

    OPEN Coworking & STARLINK WIFI

  • Van

    6 Van parking areas

  • Glamping

    10 Glamping Accommodations

  • Syntropic food forest

    Food Forest + REFORESTATION

    (w/ 2000+ trees)

  • Veggetable production

    Veggie farm (for 30+ people)Just arrived!

  • TDF Cafe

    Mushroom farm Coming soon

  • TDF Cafe

    Farm to table restaurant Coming soon

  • Events

    Pop-up event space

  • Events


  • Wellness candle

    Wellness area (natural pool, sauna(s), yoga studio, massage parlor) Coming soon

  • Restaurant plate

    Pizza oven Coming soon

  • Greenhouse

    Indoors forest and tropical greenhouse Coming soon

  • Makerspace

    Makerspace (Lab, Atelier, Artist Studio, Workshop, Music Studio) Coming soon


Check out our yearly reports to see everything we have done so far!

2021 report2022 report

Meet your new home, way of life, and tribe. Join a unique blend of solarpunks, web3 aficionados, holistic healers, permaculture pioneers, tree enthusiasts, tech wizards, and regenerative innovators. Together, we're reshaping communal living.

TDF is a model for a regenerative economy. We are looking for 300 forward-thinking doer-dreamers to co-create a habitat where nature thrives. No fleeting promises here, just a space designed for regenerative living and deep connection. πŸ‘


  • Events
  • Volunteer




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TDF is part of the OASA network - transforming ownership into stewardship. The TDF project is bound by the Regenerative Land Stewardship Principles set forth by OASA. By accessing TDF lands, our members and visitors must abide by our regenerative ethos. OASA is on a bold mission to conserve 100.000 ha of land globally - and TDF is its first prototype in utilising real estate as a vehicle for ecological restoration.

A prototype for regenerative living


    TDF is more than the land from which we build. Regeneration transcends soil, bricks and mortar and farming practices. It is also about our souls. It gathers thinkers, artists, farmers, developers, entrepreneurs, healers, investors - all to supercharge a movement that will bring us all closer to a regenerative whole-system. Come to TDF for an event where you can meet all these folks.

    No upcoming events.